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How We Detect Allergies

by Aug 3, 2021Posts, Uncategorized0 comments

We have expanded applied kinesiology (AK) or muscle reflex testing (MRT) beyond drug and supplement testing to determine if a food product is actually good for an animal or not.  If an animal is allergic to the food it is not good for the health of the animal and we will receive a no or negative AK/MRT response. We use AK or MRT interchangeably. If the food is good for the animal we will receive a yes or positive response.  This we have done for years at our clinic.  My interests with allergies that began in the late 1970′s has expanded to using AK since 2005.  There have been others, principally chiropractors, that have been using AK to elucidate allergic conditions.  This technique has been expanded to detect food allergies on your pet long distance.